What we offer

Whilst David and his team specialise in creating theatrical and spectacular private events, David is more than happy to work for you in the private, corporate or charity sector, offering a wide range of service styles to suit different clients. Below are some of the service models David uses regularly:

Bespoke Service

From the very first consultation, David and his team will manage the event for you (almost*) in its entirety. We will design, produce, build and manage your event, with client oversight on orders and creative decisions.

* Sorry, as much as you might want us to, you'll still need to do the seating plan... Let us do it, and there's every chance we'll seat divorcees/exes etc. next to each other, and it could get messy.

Management/Tailored to Fit Service

Scenario 1:
You've got everything ready... The tent's booked, the caterers and bar are sorted, dodgy disco Dan from down the road is ready to rock 'n' roll, you've even done the seating plan, and you just want to relax and enjoy the party. Give David a call and you can.

David or one of his assistants will come and manage your event for you, from the construction, all through the event right to the clean up. Whilst you have a long soak in the bath before getting dressed, we'll be sweating it out in the tent, making sure everything's just right for you and your guests (don't worry, we love it). We will do everything to ensure that you're evening goes as smoothly as possible.

Scenario 2:
You've got everything ready... Except dodgy disco Dan has pulled out. Suddenly you're left with no music or dance floor. Don't worry, much like the scouts, we're always prepared. Give David a call, and he'll do his best to sort it out for you.

There are plenty more scenarios, but I think you get the idea. We also provide individual elements to events, such as production (lighting/sound) and decor. Contact David for more details.

Consultancy service

Looking for a good night out in London? With access to some of London's most exclusive clubs, bars, restaurants and entertainment, David is on hand to help you organise a big night out. Give us a call, and talk us through what you want, and we'll take it from there.

There, in a nutshell, is what we offer. Contact David now to arrange a free consultation to see how we can best serve your event.

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